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(520) 625-4700
1220 S Calle de las Casitas • Green Valley, AZ 85614
Between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wells Fargo Bank


You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Dave Polsky Tire & Auto Centers:

"In and out, got 'er done on time, no complications. Dealing with the Manager Michele is a pleasure. Great customer service and communications skills. I'll be back."

John Frazier, Green Valley, AZ

"I have been a completely satisfied customer of Dave's for many years and recommend his Tire and Auto Center very highly.

Dave has an outstanding reputation in the community for being honest and fair about his repairs and in his prices. His technicians are quite professional. His manager, Michele, is welcoming, pleasant, helpful and competent. Dave has given me excellent service and he is thorough in explaining what needs to be done. When a repair or maintenance will take a longer time, I have been driven home and then picked up. I have bought tires from him. I have always found his prices to be good."

Dave is known for being very active in the community. His participation shows how much he really cares about the area and the residents.

He has Hertz rental cars, and I have rented from him when out-of-state family members have flown to Tucson and an additional car is needed, or if a repair will take several days.

For the 15 years I have lived in Green Valley, Dave has cared for my auto repair and maintenance concerns on several different vehicles, making me feel that I can enjoy the security and peace of mind as if there were a family member who is an automobile professional right here in Green Valley."

Patricia Wood - Green Valley

"Dave Polsky has earned a new customer in me. Here's the story:

Auto shops get a bad rap because some of them are run by crooks, period. I was unlucky once to run into such a place. I went there for an AC charge, got talked into struts, was promised OEM stuff (not what I got) and one lie led to another. I almost sued them. Dave Polsky has renewed my faith in independent shops.

My car is a 2001 Toyota Avalon that I treat like gold. When it needed a timing belt and a new axle, I brought it to Dave Polsky. Got sick of traveling to Precision Toyota in Tucson. After the initial belt replacement, the check engine light remained on. And the car had some major pulling issues after the axle replacement. I thought to myself, "Here we go again with independent mechanics"...

Well, I came in and got to know Dave who gave me a free rental for a couple days over the weekend in case there were any safety issues. The following Monday, I talked with Michelle, his service adviser, who had highly touted the shop and their head mechanic, Jason. I was not real happy and she could appreciate my problems - first time in and it seemed to all go wrong.

Then they showed the "old school magic". Jason found out the reason the check engine light was coming on. The belt they had put in had a slightly different calibration from the original Toyota belt, at least for my model and year. So, they got the authentic one and reinstalled it. Problem solved!!

The pulling issue remained, and there were some weird noises too. All of this got worse AFTER he put in a new axle. This really peaked my skepticism. It turned out to be pure coincidence. After some clever thinking by Dave and Jason, they checked my strut mounts. Sure enough, there was the problem!!!

The crook that did my struts years ago? He supposedly replaced those, but he didn't. No problem, Jason put in new ones, replacing both the strut mounts in the front. All the noise and pulling?? COMPLETELY GONE!!!

My Avalon is back to the way it used to be. They found a problem that had been bugging me for years, getting progressively worse, and the Toyota dealers had no clue!!!

You can guess where I bring my car from now on...DAVE POLSKY!!! If you want old school service, to get treated like family, you just come here!!! You will be very glad you did!! Dave and his crew are top notch!!! A breath of fresh air! Old school treatment in a world that doesn't seem to understand what that means anymore. Thank you, Dave and everyone at your shop!!!"

Jim L., Green Valley, AZ

"I have been a customer of Dave's for years. I've always found him to be fair & honest. His price quotes & work are both dead on. I highly recommend Dave and his team for all your automotive needs. They have towed me when needed and even have Hertz Rentals on site which makes it all to easy."

Tom Stevenson, Green Valley, AZ

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